High Pressure Washer

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High Pressure Washer

1.Product Description:

High pressure washer is based on electric and gasoline motors as the power source and makes the plunger of plunger pump work by running gear and CAM. The low pressure water will pressure to high pressure water and spray by water gun in order to achieve the purpose of cleaning machine.

2.Motor Type:

It could be generally divided into single phase induction motor and single phase brush motor.

3.The single phase induction motor for high pressure washer is commonly class 1 appliance: this type products not only rely on basic insulation, but also include an additional security measures.

That is easy to get an electric shock the conductive part and the protection of the product (ground) wire connected, make accessible conductive parts in the basic insulation damage cannot become this.

4.The single phase brush motor for high pressure washer is commonly class II appliance: the product to prevent electric shock protection not only rely on basic insulation, and rely on to provide additional security protection measures, such as double insulation or reinforced insulation but does not provide protection grounding or not depend on the condition of equipment.

5.Now cleaning machine IC01 IC02, IC03, IC05, IC08, IC09, IC10, IC11, IC12 belong to single phase brush motor, class II appliance products.

6.The structure symbol of class II appliances is 回。

7.The single phase brush motor rotor for high pressure washer respectively have basic insulation protection and reinforced insulation (additional insulation) :

(1) Between the rotor iron core and shaft is additional insulation and unilateral thickness is greater than 1 mm.

(2) At the ends of the rotor end plate is the basic insulation and the thickness is greater than 2 mm.

(3) In order to strengthen the insulation between coil and rotor shaft, unilateral thickness is greater than 2 mm.

(4) in order to strengthen the insulation between steering and rotor shaft, unilateral thickness is greater than 2 mm

(5) The redirector and creepage distance between the rotor shaft, the clearance is greater than 8 mm

(6) creepage distance between the rotor shaft and rotor enameled wire, the clearance should be greater than 6 mm

8. High pressure cleaner single-phase brush motor stator insulation protection is the basic insulation, creepage distance between coils and stator core should be greater than 2 mm.

9. The motor pump or test voltage of the machine

Consider the progress of the production, the production of motor, pressure test in the production of the whole machine test voltage test.

Note: make pressure test should be in the production of low voltage

10. When the machine test, the product of creepage distance and clearance is less than the specified value and withstand voltage breakdown is fatal flaw, any batch status value is zero.

11. The function of the brush motor cleaning machine used in the capacitance effect is to reduce the low frequency interference (150 KHZ to 30 MHZ), electric transformer is to reduce high frequency interference (30 MHZ to 300 MHZ).

12. 05 type cleaning machine used in capacitance is 0.33 Uf and 01,02,03 is 0.22 Uf .

13. The high pressure washer power cords, and plugs use:

(1) Generally European countries use eyes round plug (European) and H05RN - F 2 * 1.0 was; Or use eyes round plug (European) and H07RN - F * 2 was 1.0

(2) The UK (and some of the commonwealth countries) use the BS plug (three eyes flat plug has a built-in fuse) and H05RN - 2 F * was 1.0

(3) The United States (and some American states) using the leakage protector (GFCI) or UL eyes (third eye) flat plug and PVC # 16 (16 AWG) line

(4)Japan use PSE eyes flat plug and PSE line (with ground wire)

(5) Generally Australia use SAA (third eye, both eyes insulated flat plug) and H05VV - 2 F * was 1.0

(6) The exposed length of power cord should be greater than 5 M for European countries and the exposed length of power cord should be greater than 10.7 M for American countries.

H 05 R N - F 2*1.0mm2

H stands for the standard categories

05 stands for the rated voltage

R stands for insulation

N stands for sheath

F stands for the structure of the conductor

2 stands for wire core quantity

1.0*mm2 stands for the cross-sectional area

Rated voltage: 05-300/500V, 07- 450/500V.

Insulation R - natural or synthetic rubber, V - polyvinyl chloride (PVC)

Sheath N - neoprene, V - polyvinyl chloride (PVC)

Stranded conductor structure F - soft wire

Wire core quantity 2 - two core quantity, 3 - three core quantity.

Cross-sectional area : 0.75- 0.75mm2, 1.0- 1.0mm2, 1.5-1.5mm2.

14.The requirements for water gun of the cleaning machine: If the water gun is several sections connection and each section shall be unable to substitute each other. The length of the gun muzzle to wrench is at least: GS - 750 - mm, UL - 914 - mm.

15. Cleaning machine insulation breakdown leakage occurs, the safety of the product will be electric conduction to the operator.

Leakage line for: motor power cord - switch - motor lead wire - (insulation damage) - motor rotor motor pinion - - the big gear pump shaft - CAM - pump plunger pump in the water - water gun and exposed metal parts (such as a pump body, nozzle copper body, etc.) - the operator.

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